Young children learn through play. When young children are actively involved in their own learning and having fun at it, they learn better. You can support their learning by engaging them playfully in everyday activities. The activities on our site are based on everyday experiences, use materials commonly found in the home, and most importantly designed to encourage children’s healthy development in all areas (physical, social emotional, language and literacy, and cognitive).


Puppets are a great way to build your child's oral language development.

What You Need:

  • An old pair of socks

  • Washable markers

What To Do:

  1. Slip a sock onto your hand and use markers to draw eyes near the toe end. Do the same with the other sock.

  2. Together, name the puppets.

  3. Help him put the sock on his hand and show him how to move his thumb and other fingers to make the puppet “talk.”

  4. Put on your puppet and start up a conversation between the two puppets—maybe your puppet can pretend that he is going to Aunty’s house.

  5. Have the puppets do other activities like pick up objects, tickle one another, or pinch little noses!