Young children learn through play. When young children are actively involved in their own learning and having fun at it, they learn better. You can support their learning by engaging them playfully in everyday activities. The activities on our site are based on everyday experiences, use materials commonly found in the home, and most importantly designed to encourage children’s healthy development in all areas (physical, social emotional, language and literacy, and cognitive).

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Encourage movement with your infant

What You Need:


What To Do:

  1. Lay your infant on his back on a soft surface such as a changing table, carpeted floor, or a comfortable blanket.

  2. Take hold of his feet in your hands.

  3. Start moving his feet back and forth, slowly at first and then faster.

  4. Recite the following rhyme as you move his feet:

Motorboat, motorboat, go so slow (while moving his legs slowly)

Motorboat, motorboat go so fast (move his legs a little faster)

Motorboat, motorboat step on the gas! (move his legs even faster)

  1. Watch to see if your infant starts to move his legs with you or push against you.

  2. Do it over again as long as he seems to enjoy it.