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Family, friend and neighbor (FFN) care is a legally-exempt form of child care that is provided by a relative (such as an aunty, grandma, or grandpa) or a friend who is willing to care for children in their home or the child’s home. In Hawaii, many families show a strong preference for this type of care. This choice may be rooted in the value placed on the family, or ohana, in which the extended family supports one another.

Learning to Grow acknowledges that FFN care is an unique and special form of child care. We provide educational outreach services and resources to Hawaii’s families receiving subsidies and utilizing FFN care — for their children ages birth to five, and to their care providers.
We provide research-based information on child development and best practices to promote children’s early learning, school-readiness, and healthy development. Dissemination of home learning packets is the core element of the FFN Care Outreach program. These home learning packets include: