“Ulaijah had lots of fun with this month’s toddler activity! Materials were cheap and on hand.  He loved it!  He used almost all his senses!  Touch, feel, hear, try to taste!…”

“I enjoy doing these activities with my nephews because its educational as well as very interactive…He loved having all of my attention …”

“She loves it!  Every time I tell her “Learning to Grow time” she’s excited asking now what else fun thing are we going to do!”

“We really enjoy the activities! All my children started off with these packets before starting preschool & now my oldest is in kindergarten & she’s doing great!  These have really helped them get into the habit of learning & now they enjoy school so much!”

“Thank you so much for sending these packets to us.  It’s enjoyable for myself and for Shira and my other grandkids and the books are greatly appreciated.  Mahalo.”

“Such a great program.  Hope the state dont stop this.  I share my activities with another tutu babysitting.  Wish I had this when I had my kids.”

“Everything that you have will help me work w/my grandkids.”

“The Learning to Grow activities is helpful for me & my child to set aside some time so we can hang out together to do these activities.  The rest of our time is with the whole family, but when we do the activities its just me & Adrian.  Thanks again”