Have your child write a letter to someone special.

What You Need:

• Paper
• Pen
• Envelope
• Postage stamp

What To Do:

1. Have your child write his own letter to someone special—it’s okay if he just scribbles.
2. When he is done, ask him to tell you what he wrote and write his words either on the back of his letter or on another piece of paper. (He may not want you to write on his work.) You might add a note to the recipient asking him or her to write back to your child.
3. Help your child address an envelope to the person he wrote the letter to and show him where to place the stamp.
4. Show him how to fold the letter, put it in the envelope, and seal it.
5. Go to the mailbox together to mail the letter. Explain what happens to the mail.

1. Write a letter to your child. Put it in an envelope addressed to him and place it in the mailbox. Pick up the mail together and show him his letter. Read it out loud together.
2. Give your child “junk” mail to open, look at, and write on. Ask him to tell you about what he received in the mail.
3. Make your child his own mailbox from an old shoebox or cereal box. Have him decorate the box with drawings or by gluing pictures to it. Cut a small opening to fit homemade letters through the slot.