Play a fun game with your child to help him think of what comes next.

What You Need:

• Two 8½- x 11-inch sheets of paper
• Jumbo crayons or washable markers
• Tape

What To Do:

1. Cut two 8½- x 11-inch sheets of paper in half. Use three of the four half pieces for this activity.
2. On the first sheet, have your child draw a picture of something he normally does in the morning such as eating breakfast.
3. On the second sheet, have him draw something he does at midday such as playing outside.
4. On the last sheet, have him draw something that he does at night such as taking a bath.
5. Ask your child to put the pictures in order by asking, “After you get up in the morning, which do you do first? Which comes next? Which one is last?”
6. Tape the three sheets together in the correct sequence from left to right. Number the sheets 1, 2, and 3.
7. Ask your child to tell you about each scene. Write down anything he says to create a short story that you can read together.
8. Read the story together or ask him to tell you the story