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Celebrate Valentine's Day by making a card and rhyme for your loved one.

What You Need:

• Paper
• Washable markers or jumbo crayons

What To Do:

1. Fold a blank sheet of paper in half.
2. Draw a heart on the outside of the card and write “I love you!” on the inside.
3. Give it to your child on Valentine’s Day and read what you wrote.
4. Next, say this rhyme together about Valentine’s Day while you count together with your fingers.

Let’s count valentines, one, two, three.
Let’s count valentines, four, five, six.
Let’s count valentines, match and mix!
Let’s count valentines, seven, eight, nine.
Let’s count valentines, I’m glad you’re mine!

5. Explore outside. See how many heart-shaped leaves and flowers you and your child can find such as anthurium flowers, lu’au (taro) leaves, and clover leaves.

1. Make a card. Draw a big heart on it and have your child decorate the heart with markers or crayons. Write a message from your child inside the card. Have your child give the card to a special person.
2. Make cards together for other special occasions or people. For example, make cards for birthdays, graduation, Girl’s Day, Boy’s Day or Kamehameha Day, or make a just-to-say-hi card.