Help your infant's physical development by incorporating this tummy time activity to her daily routine.

What You Need:

  • Soft blanket or towel

What To Do:

  1. If your baby is only a few weeks old, start with your baby lying face-downward on your chest as you recline on a sofa, bed, or comfortable chair. Sing or talk with your baby so she wants to lift her head to look at you.

  2. Progress to placing your baby on her stomach on a blanket or play mat. Get down on the floor with her so she has the incentive to lift her head and look at you as you sing or talk.

  3. Never leave your baby unsupervised during tummy time, and be ready to move your baby or finish this portion of tummy time if she begins to complain and becomes frustrated.

  4. Your baby should have short periods of tummy time spread throughout each day.