Draw shapes by using different objects to trace.

What You Need:

• Small objects of different sizes that will lay flat on a surface such as blocks, cookie cutters, or plastic container lids
• Paper
• Jumbo crayon or pencil
• Blunt, child-sized scissors

What To Do:

1. Place an object on a piece of paper.
2. Show your child how to trace the object by holding it down and moving the pencil or crayon around its edge.
3. Explain to her that when the object is taken away, an outline of the object is left on the paper.
4. Let your child trace the outlines of a few objects on a piece of paper. You may need to help her hold down the object.
5. Ask her questions such as “Which shapes have straight lines? Which shapes have curved lines? Which shape was the hardest to trace? Why?”
6. Help your child cut out the shapes that she traced. Have her match the cutout shapes to the objects that were used to make the tracings.
7. Encourage her to combine the outlines of several objects to create something new. For example, she could cluster several small circles together to make a flower, person, or a special design of her own. Ask her to describe her new creations.
8. Display your child’s creations.

! Safety Alert: Adult-size scissors are not safe for young preschoolers. Let your child practice cutting with blunt, child-sized scissors. Monitor your child as she uses the scissors. If you do not have appropriate scissors or the paper is too thick for your child to cut, do the cutting yourself. Discuss the dangers of moving around with a pair of scissors in hand.