Thumb-in-the-Box Finger Play PDF FACEBOOK SHARE ICON.

Fun finger plays that you can do with your child.

What You Need:


What To Do:

1. Show your child how you can put your thumb in your fist.
2. Ask her to copy you. For example, “Can you put your thumb inside your fist?” Praise her when she does: “Good job!”
3. Ask her what happened to her thumb: “Where’s your thumb? Is it gone?”
4. Show her how to pop her thumb out of her fist and say, “Now pop your thumb out!”
5. Recite the lines below and make the motions together:

Thumb-in-the-box, sit so still. (Make a fist and place your
thumb inside your fingers)
Will you come out?
Yes I will! (Pop your thumb out of your fist).