With your family, share different stories from the past with your child.

What You Need:


What To Do:

1. When your child’s grandparents or other members of your ‘ohana (family) get together, encourage them to share some old-time stories with your child.
2. The storyteller could share a folktale from her culture, something she remembers about when she was your child’s age, or some memories from her own childhood. For example, Grandma might share a story about Hinamatsuri, Girls’ Day—the third day of the third month—and the doll she received as a child.
3. Encourage the storyteller to describe to your child some of the places or things that are no longer present today. If the events took place in a foreign land, ask the storyteller to provide the words from her home language that best describe whats he is talking about. Write the words down so you and your child can practice them later.
4. After the storyteller finishes her stories, share your own memories of the same or similar events.
5. Later, review the stories with your child. If you have any old photos from the time of the stories, show them to your child to help illustrate the stories.
6. Encourage your child to create stories from his own experiences.

Write down the stories in a homemade book. Encourage your child to use photographs and drawings to illustrate his book.