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Teaching sign language has been found to benefit both normal hearing babies as well as those with a hearing loss. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children can be taught to use their hands to “talk” long before their mouths can catch up. By teaching sign language to children from as young as six to eight months, you can help them to convey their emotions and their needs.

What You Need:

  • None

What To Do:

  1. View a resource such as to familiarize yourself with simple signs to teach baby.

  2. Say a word and make the gesture at the same time. For example, when you hand your baby milk, say “milk” while making the sign for it (an open and closed fist/milking gesture).

  3. Pair the sign with the word every time you say it – repetition is key.

  4. Start with useful and practical signs like ‘milk,’ ‘eat,’ ‘more’ and ‘all done.’

  5. Find opportunities to sign with baby throughout the day, from mealtimes to walks in the park to just playing together at home.