Activity to have your preschooler try new foods

What You Need:

  • Poster board - on the top write the name of the food he will be tasting (add a picture as well). Create 4 columns with the following picture headings: Happy face, face with no expression, sad face and compost bowl

  • Stickers

  • Food cut into small bite size portions (offer a variety of healthy, colorful and appetizing fruits or vegetables)

  • Plates, forks.

What To Do:

  1. Show your child the chart and explain the faces –

  • Love it = Happy Face,

  • It’s just okay = Expressionless Face,

  • Don’t like it or maybe next time = Sad Face,

  • Didn’t try it = Compost Bowl.

  1. Have the child choose a food to taste and both of you take a bite of the food. Create an atmosphere of excitement about being adventurous in trying something new.

  2. Have him place a sticker under one of the faces and encourage them to say why he made that choice by describing how it tasted. Encourage all tasters to place a sticker in the columns.

  3. Repeat the process until all foods are tasted.

  4. Tally the columns and compare/contrast. Which food did we like the most?


*Never force or shame your child into trying something new. If he does not want to try it, he can put it in the compost bowl or try it another time.  It may take a few tries before he decides he likes it.