Increase your child's awareness of his body and listening skills through this fun activity

What You Need:

  • A paper plate

  • Green and red crayons

What To Do:

  1. Have your child color one side of the paper plate red and the other side green.

  2. Explain to your child that when you show him the green side of the plate, he should run toward you, and when you show him the red side of the plate, he should stop.

  3. Start by showing him the green side and encourage him to run toward you. Then show him the red side, and remind him to stop, if he doesn’t stop on his own. Alternate showing him the green and red sides again, until he reaches you.

  4. Vary the activity by: 1) using different movement such as hopping, tip-toeing, or crawling, 2) changing roles – have your child hold the paper plate and you run or stop –depending on the color he shows you.

Note: This activity works best in an outdoor area with lots of open space.