Make your own book

What You Need:

  • a stick

  • thin cardboard (e.g., recycled cereal boxes)

  • art and writing supplies (e.g., scissors, paint, crayons, markers, pencils)

  • photographs or magazines

  • hole puncher

  • rubber band

What To Do:

  1. Take your child on a stick hunt! Choose a stick to use as the spine of the book.

  2. Cut recycled boxes into same-sized pieces for the cover and pages of the book.

  3. Allow your child to decorate the cover using paint or other craft materials.

  4. Cut out photographs or pictures from magazines and glue them to the pages of the book.

  5. Write words to the story or let your toddler dictate the words to the story.

  6. Punch holes along the left side (1 inch from the top and bottom of each page).

  7. From the back of the book, pull the ends of a thick rubber band through the holes.

  8. Place the stick over the holes and loop the end of the rubber bands around each end of the stick to tie the book together.