Fun activity using household items, such as a sponge.

What You Need:

• A clean, unused sponge
• A container of water
• Smooth rocks

What To Do:

1. Give your child a clean, unused sponge to play with
2. Describe how it feels hard when it’s dry but soft when it’s wet.
3. Do a little experiment. Ask your child what she thinks will happen when you put the sponge under water and let go. For example, “Will it sink or float?” Then, show her and describe what happens as you watch it float back to the top.
4. Try floating other objects. Have your child guess whether each object will float or sink before you put it in the water.

Fin some small, founded rocks. Let your child wash them with the wet sponge. Ask her to watch how the rocks change to a different color when they are wet and how they slowly fade back to their original color when they dry.

Safety Alert: Toddlers love water. It’s fun to explore! But never take your eyes off your child while she’s in the bathtub of playing with a container of water. Your child’s top-heavy head may cause her to fall forward into the water and not be able to get up. Children can drown in just a few inches of water.