Have you child decorate her own wrapping paper with cut out shapes and paint.

What You Need:

• Brown paper grocery bag or other heavy paper such as newsprint or butcher paper
• Scissors (for adult use only)
• Clean, unused sponges
• Food coloring or water-based paint
• Disposable bowls

! Safety Alert: Adult-size scissors are not safe for young preschoolers. Keep them out of children’s reach.

What To Do:

1. Cut open a brown paper grocery bag or use other large sheets of paper.
2. Cut out shapes such as stars, circles, or squares from clean household sponges.
3. Put several drops of food coloring or paint into a disposable bowl.
4. Let your child handle the dry sponges and ask her what they feel like.
5. Moisten the sponges with water and squeeze out the excess. Let her touch the wet sponges and ask her how they compare to the dry ones.
6. Show your child how to dip a damp sponge shape into the food coloring or paint and stamp the paper with it. Let her decorate the paper on her own.
7. Encourage her to make different designs or patterns by combining shapes and colors.
8. Talk about what happens when she presses the shaped sponges on the paper and about the different shapes and designs she is making.
9. Let the paper dry and use it to wrap a gift for someone.