Help your child understand numbers and sequence by making spider cards.

What You Need:

• Eight 3 x 5 index cards or eight pre-cut 3- x 5-inch pieces of paper
• Jumbo crayons or washable markers

What To Do:

1. Draw an oval to represent a spider body. Add a small circle for the spider’s head. Repeat on all eight cards. Don’t draw legs yet.
2. Have your child draw in the spiders’ legs, giving each spider a different number of legs: one leg for the first spider, two legs for the second spider, three legs for the third spider, and so on.
3. Number the cards from 1-8, matching the number with the number of legs on the spider card.
4. Mix up all the cards and help your child put them in numerical order. Count the number of legs on each card with her and explain where the card should go in the sequence.
5. As your child becomes more familiar with the number sequence, lay out the cards in order then ask her, “If we take away one leg from the spider, how many legs will it have?” Cover one leg on the spider, count the number of legs together, and have her point to the card that has the spider with that number of legs.
6. Make up a song or poem about the spider with its eight long legs.

Draw an octopus (he‘e) instead of a spider on each card. Start with a circle for the body and add long squiggly legs.