Make bubble art with a straw and liquid soap.

What You Need:

• Liquid dishwashing soap
• Wide-mouthed cup or bowl
• Food coloring
• Straw
• Scissors (for adult use only)
• Paper
• Old newspapers

What To Do:

1. Line your work area with old newspapers to protect your work surface, or do this activity outdoors.
2. Have your child squeeze a squirt of dishwashing soap to a cupful of water.
3. Add one drop of food coloring into the cup.
4. With the scissors, cut a small notch on the side of the straw about half an inch down from the top. This will prevent your child from swallowing the bubble solution while she is blowing.
5. Show her how to blow gently into the straw to make bubbles in the soap solution.
6. Talk about how blowing air through the straw causes the bubbles to form.
7. Add another color to the cup and talk about what happens.
8. Have her blow a little harder, then softer into the straw. Ask her what happens when she changes her blowing.
9. Place a sheet of paper over the bubbles. Lift it off and let it dry. Do this several times with different sheets of paper.
10. Ask her to tell you about the pictures she sees in the various pieces of bubble art. Describe to her what you see.
11. Ask her to pick her favorite example of bubble art and find a place to display it.

Once the sheets of paper have dried, cut them into smaller pieces to make greeting cards. Ask her what message she’d like to share with someone and write her words in the card. Help her address and send the card to the special person.

! Safety Alert: Adult-size scissors are not safe for young preschoolers. Keep them out of children’s reach. Be sure to monitor your child while she is playing with the soap solution. Remind her that she should not drink the soap solution.