Help your child as she takes her first steps.

What You Need:


What To Do:

1. When your baby is steady and able to stand well, stand behind her and hold her under her arms. Help her to “walk” forward slowly.
2. Encourage her with words of praise. For example, “Look at you, you’re walking!” Or clap your hands every time she tries to walk on her own.
3. When she is standing and holding onto the furniture, position yourself just out of her reach and encourage her to come to you.
4. When she can take a few steps on her own, hold her hands and walk together, side by side.
5. When she starts to walk more confidently, take your baby for a walk around your home or neighborhood. Talk about the things that your see (a tall coconut tree), smell (a yellow plumeria), or hear (chirping birds).

Safety Alert: You baby may fall backward while trying to pull herself up into a standing position/ if you have pieces of furniture with sharp objects, move them away or pad the corners so that your baby does not hurt herself when she falls. Keep her away from furniture or other objects that might topple over if she tries to use them to pull herself up.