Children’s first learning experiences with water usually include all kinds of pouring.

What You Need:

  • Container of water

  • Shallow pan

  • Plastic or paper cup

  • Measuring spoons

What To Do:

  1. Place an empty cup on top of the shallow pan.

  2. Use a measuring spoon to scoop water into the cup. You can place your hand over the child’s hand and scoop the water together.

  3. It’s fine if your child just enjoys splashing the water with the spoon or his hand. Use this opportunity to talk about what he is doing and encourage this sensory activity.

  4. As your child gets older, you can incorporate tools such as funnels and activities such as counting how many spoonfuls of water it takes to fill the cup.

Safety Alert: Supervise your child closely. Babies can drown in just a few inches of water, so never take your eyes off him when playing with water.