Play a collaborative game together

What You Need:

  • Simple list of items for children to find

A sample can be found at:

What To Do:

  1. Read over the list with your child, making sure he understands what items he is looking for. If playing outdoors, possible items can be: cloud, white flower, grass, rock, sticks. If playing indoors, possible items can be: block, napkin, something with a wheel, and a slipper.

  2. Have him be the detective to find the various items on the list.

  3. You can have him look at the list to decide which item to find or you can give him clues such as, “We’re looking for something green that grows on the ground.”

  4. Have him search for all items on the list or you can take turns and have him tell you what to find.

*If other children are participating, pair them up and have them work together to find the items on the list.