Build this roller coaster with your child and watch his curiosity and imagination soar.

What You Need:

  • Reusable materials such as foam insulation tubes, cardboard, PVC pipes

  • Tape

  • Balls, marbles, or toy cars

What To Do:

  1. Research what roller coasters look like in books and videos and talk to your child about the structure of the roller coaster.

  2. Together gather materials to build your roller coaster. Listen to his ideas on how to connect the different materials. Follow his lead as he adds twists and turns.

  3. Now have your child place the balls, marbles or toy cars at the top of his roller coaster structure, and together watch as they wind and twist to the bottom.

  4. Allow him to make mistakes, let him come up with troubleshooting ideas, and share your own ideas on how to fix it.

  5. Respond to his enthusiasm, give high fives and do it again!