Red Light, Green Light, and Yellow Light Too! PDF FACEBOOK SHARE ICON.

Teach your child safety by playing this interactive game.

What You Need:

  • Red, green, and yellow items (one of each color)

What To Do:

  1. Talk to your child about what traffic lights are and what each of the colors mean.

  2. Say that you will be playing a game that relates to the traffic lights. Tell her when she sees you holding the red item and hears you say, “red light,” that means freeze, stop, or don’t move your body.

  3. When she sees you holding the green item and hears you say, “green light,” that means walk or go. Vary the activity by having her skip, hop, or move in slow motion, when seeing the green item.

  4. Add the yellow item when you see she has an understanding that “red” means “stop” and “green” means “go.” Explain to her what the yellow item means.

  5. Take turns holding up the different items and being the one to move their body according to the color.

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