Allow baby to see other baby's faces by choosing books that feature little ones

What You Need:

  • Book about babies (e.g., Baby Faces by Margaret Miller, Global Babies from Global Fund for Children, I Am a Baby by Kathryn Madeline Allen)

What To Do:

  1. Choose a book about babies to read to your little one.

  2. When reading, read the words on the page, but be flexible to your child’s needs. Talk about the pictures and other things you see in the book. Call attention to the babies in the book and what they are doing or feeling. For example, “She’s wearing a pink hat. She looks so happy. See her smiling face?”

Don’t worry if your baby has a short attention span or if he is more interested in putting the book in his mouth. The most important thing is to read often with your child. Making the time to cuddle with him, as you read, he hears your soothing voice and sees new things; which, promotes bonding with him and building on his love of reading.