Help your child start to pull himself up to stand.

What You Need:


What To Do:

1. When your baby can stand while holding on to you, sit him down on the floor, facing you.
2. Securely grab his hands and say, “Are you ready to stand up? Here we go! One, two, three!” If you speak more than one language, count in a different language. For example, “’ekahi, ‘elua, ‘ekolu” (Hawaiian).
3. On the count of three, gradually and gently pull him up to a standing position.
4. Give him lots of positive encouragement. For example, “Look at you. You’re standing!”
5. If your baby enjoys this activity, do it again. He will eventually learn to anticipate something fun will happen whenever the count of three is reached.

To encourage your baby to use the furniture to pull himself up, put a toy on a couch, sturdy chair, or a low table that has no sharp corners. Ask him to get the toy. Show him how to grab on to the furniture to stand up and reach for the toy.

Safety Alert: Your baby may fall backward while trying to pull himself up into a standing position. If you have pieces of furniture with sharp edges, move them away or pad the corners so that your baby does not hurt himself while he falls. Keep him away from furniture or other objects that might topple over if he tries to use them to pull himself up.