Helpful tips on taking your child to the playground.

What You Need:


What To Do:

  1. Before going to the playground, talk about playground safety rules: “Only one person is allowed to go down the sliding board at a time. "Explain why it’s important to follow the rule: If more than one person goes on the slide at a time, someone may fall and get hurt.

  2. Ask your child what other rules she can think of.

  3. At the park, if your child likes to run, challenge her to a race in the yard or at the park. Point out a tree or some playground equipment nearby that you can both run to.

  4. Next, pick out another object. Together, find out how many footsteps it takes to get to it by counting out loud as you walk toward it.


If going to a park is not an option, create your own “mini-playground” at home. Drape a sheet over two chairs to make a secret tunnel or hide-away. Arrange the chairs and make an obstacle course.

Safety Alert: Before going out, remind your child about how important it is to stay with you at all times. Before crossing the street, talk about street signs and traffic signs that show when you can cross the street. Always have your child hold your hand when crossing the street.