Make your very own placemat.

What You Need:

• Construction paper
• Jumbo crayons or washable markers
• Clear contact paper
• Scissors (for adult use only)

What To Do:

1. Invite your child to decorate a sheet of construction paper with drawings.
2. Cover each side of her decorated sheet with clear contact paper.
3. Ask your child to tell you about her picture.
4. Talk with her about what a placemat is and how it is used to keep the table clean.
5. Ask her whether she would like to use her art piece as a placemat on the table during meals or as a wall decoration.

Have your child create a placemat for each member of the family. Help her think about how to make each placemat special in some way—perhaps with a drawing or photo of the person, with magazine pictures of the family member’s favorite foods, and each person’s name on it. Encourage her to explain her placemat choices for each person.
! Safety Alert: Adult-size scissors are not safe for young preschoolers. Keep them out of children’s reach.