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Movement activities for your child

What You Need:


What To Do:

  1. Create a list of simple movement activities your child could act out. When making your list, be sure to include things that he likes as well as new things he can explore such as throwing a baseball, brushing your teeth, or eating a hotdog.

  2. Sit in front of your child, facing him. Explain to your child that pantomiming or charades means that one person acts out a situation without using words and the other person has to guess what the other is doing.

  3. Do a few practice rounds with your child so that he will understand how to do the activity. First, read the movement on this list to your child. Next, show him how to pantomime the movement. Have him copy what you did. Give him praise by clapping for him.

  4. When he feels comfortable, read to him other movements and have him act them out. This will give him the opportunity to use his creativity. If your toddler gets the hang of it, have him create movements for you to follow.

*Variation: You can make this a fun game and involve the entire family. Have your child perform for the family and have the rest of the family members guess what your child is pantomiming.