Ooh La La Oobleck (aka “Goop”) PDF FACEBOOK SHARE ICON.

This sensory activity encourages little ones to feel new textures

What You Need:

  • Plastic tablecloth

  • Two parts cornstarch

  • One part water

  • Large mixing bowl, foil pan, or plastic tub

  • Measuring cup

  • Pitcher

  • Painting aprons or old t-shirts

  • Bucket of water and towels for cleanup

What To Do:

  1. This activity can be a bit messy, so be sure to cover the table with a plastic tablecloth.

  2. Have your child help pour the water into the bowl, then add the cornstarch.

  3. Have her mix the ingredients together with her hands or a spoon until it reaches a gooey consistency.

  4. Encourage her to grab a handful of Oobleck and squeeze it.

  5. Ask her questions such as, “What will happen if you roll it into a ball?” or “What will happen when you let go?”

  6. Talk to her about what it feels like and what is happening. Use words such as: liquid, solid, mix, gooey, squeeze, ooze, slippery.

(Adapted from Baby Steps to STEM by Jean G. Barbre)