Have fun counting with your little one by using stamps and stickers in a number chart.

What You Need:

• Paper
• Rubber stamps
• Ink pad
• Pencil

What To Do:

1. Draw five parallel lines across the paper and number them 1-5.
2. Show your child how to use a rubber stamp by first gently placing it on the ink pad and then pressing it onto a piece of paper.
3. Explain to your child that she needs to put the number of stamps that match the number on each line: one stamp next to number 1, two stamps next to the number 2, and so on.
4. When she is done, count with her the number of stamps that are next to each number.
5. Count forward and backward together.
6. Ask her questions such as, “Which line has more stamps—the line with three stamps or the line with the four?” or “If you add one more stamp to the three stamps, how many will you have? Let’s count and see.”

Use stickers instead of rubber stamps or invite your child to draw as many pictures as the number indicates.