Help your child learn numbers by playing a number game with cards.

What You Need:

• 10 sheets of paper or 10 index cards
• Pen or pencil

What To Do:

1. Print the numbers 1-10 separately on the 10 sheets of paper or index cards.
2. Place the papers or cards in numerical order on a table.
3. Point to and say each number together.
4. Ask your child to trace each number with her finger as she says its name.
5. Once your child can recognize and say each number without help, challenge her by mixing up the cards. Point to a number and ask her to tell you what number it is.
6. Turn the activity into a game by taking turns.
7. As she becomes familiar with the numbers and the number sequence, mix up the cards and see if she can put them in the right order from 1-10.

Provide your child with some small objects such as beans or buttons. Show her how many objects represent each number. For example, place two beans below the card numbered “2.” Pick a different number card and ask your child to place the correct number of objects below the card. Help her count the objects. If you speak more than one language, count in a different language, for example, hana, tul, set, net, and so on (Korean).
! Safety Alert: Remind your child not to put small objects in her mouth. They can get stuck in her throat and cause choking (and even death). When you are done using small objects, put them away, where your child cannot reach them. Childproofing your home creates a safe place for your child to explore and learn.