Name It to Tame It with a DIY Emotions Flip Book PDF FACEBOOK SHARE ICON.

You can support your toddler’s developing brain and ability to self-regulate with this activity

What You Need:

  • Colored construction paper

  • Marker pens

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • An old CD or small plate

What To Do:

  1. Talk about various emotions and what your face looks like when you’re feeling these emotions. Choose which of these emotions you’d like to include in the emotion book.

  2. Select corresponding colors, e.g. yellow construction paper for a happy face.

  3. Draw circles by tracing a CD or small plate on each colored construction paper and then cut the circles out.

  4. Fold each circle in half horizontally, open it and draw an emotion face with the markers. The eyes should be above the folded crease; mouth below the crease. For example, for a happy face, draw two eyes and a big smile for the mouth.

  5. Once all emotion faces are finished, fold them back in half and glue the faces together so that the back of the bottom half of the first face is glued to the back of the top half of the next face. Repeat until all faces are glued together.

  6. Use the Emotions Flip Book to help your toddler identify her feelings so she can “Name It and Tame It” as recognizing feelings is the first step to learning how to control and regulate emotions.