Mirror, MIrror, What Do I See? PDF FACEBOOK SHARE ICON.

Help your child identify different emotions and facial expressions.

What You Need:


What To Do:

  1. To help your child identify different emotions, have him sit in front of you and ask him to copy the facial expressions that you make that represent emotions.

  2. Tell your child, “Mirror, mirror what do I see, I see a happy face staring at me?”

  3. Make a happy face and have him copy your facial expression. Talk about how your face shows happiness and instances when you are happy. For example, “Look at my smile. I’m happy when you give me a hug. When are you happy?”

  4. Continue doing this to help him identify different feelings such as mad, scared, proud, nervous, sad, and frustrated.Adapted from Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning