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Make mashed potatoes with butter in a kid-friendly way

What You Need:

  • Potatoes

  • Heavy Cream at Room Temperature

  • Salt (optional)

What To Do:

  1. Precook the potatoes until it is soft, then cool to room temperature.

  2. Ask the child to help you mash the potatoes using a masher, fork, or the bottom of a coffee mug. Ask questions and make observations as he is working such as, “Why do you think it’s called mashed potatoes? How do you think we can use this tool to make the potatoes soft and creamy?”

  3. Give the child a mason jar and ask him to fill it half way with heavy cream (demonstrate where half of the jar would be).

  4. Secure the lid and have him shake, shake, shake!

  5. Stop after a few minutes and observe after it begins to thicken into whipped cream. Ask, “What do you think is happening to the cream?” Let the child taste the cream.

  6. Secure the lid again and shake it some more. After approximately 7-10 minutes, it will begin to separate and clump. Drain off the liquid buttermilk, mix the butter with the potatoes and enjoy!

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