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Make your own wrapping paper using your child's handprints.

What You Need:

• A brown paper grocery bag
• Water-based tempera paint, washable markers, or jumbo crayons
• Scissors (for adult use only)

What To Do:

1. Cut open a brown paper grocery bag to decorate the inside.
2. Cover your child’s palm with water-based tempera and help him “stamp” his handprint all over the brown paper. Ask him what happens when he puts his palm on the paper.
3. Use different colors. You can wash off the paint before changing to another color or leave it on to see what happens when two colors combine.
4. Ask your child how the paint feels. For example, “Does the paint feel cool?”
5. Cover your own palm with paint and add a few of your own handprints to the paper.
6. Talk with your child about what he sees on the wrapping paper you have made together. For example, count the number of fingers on each handprint, compare big and small handprints, name colors, or ask him to find prints that are the same color and ones that are different.

1. Have your child place his hand on the paper and help him trace his handprint with the crayon or marker. Repeat over the entire paper.
2. Ask your child to use markers or crayons to make designs, such as squiggly lines, all over the paper.

Safety Alert: Scissors should be used by adults and kept out of reach of young children. Toddlers do not yet have the coordination to use adult scissors. When you child gets older (three to four years old), use blunt child-sizes scissors to let him practice cutting.