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Make your own book about a special day or person.

What You Need:

• Photos or pictures from magazine
• Glue or tape
• Paper
• Scissors( for adult use only)

What To Do:

1. Use photos of an outing such as a trip to the beach or Popo’s (Grandma’s) house. Or cut out pictures from old magazines of common objects your child likes.
2. Glue or tape the pictures onto sheets of paper.
3. Staple or punch holes on ones side of the pages and tie them together to make a book.
4. Print the names of each picture.
5. Look at the book together. Name an object in a picture and ask your child to point to it: “I see the blue ocean. Where is the blue ocean?”
6. Point to each picture and ask your child who or what it is. “Is this Popo?”
7. Describe the objects or make up simple stories about them.
8. Before you turn the page, ask him what he thinks is on the next page.

Safety Alert: Scissors should be used by adults and kept out of reach of young children. Toddlers do not yet have the coordination to use adult scissors. When your child gets older (three of four years old), use blunt child-sized scissors to let him practice cutting.