Play "make-believe" with your baby.

What You Need:


What To Do:

1. Play “make-believe” with your baby. Help her pretend that she is something else. For example, have her hold out her arms, hold her under her armpits and lift her in the air. Gently “fly” her around as if she were a pueo (Hawaiian owl).
2. Describe how she is a pueo soaring through the air. Talk about flying high as you lift her up and flying low as you bring her down.
3. Here is a song you can sing as you pretend.

The pueo sitting in the mango tree.
The pueo has big maka (eyes) and he’s looking at me.
“Whooo, whooo,” the pueo says, “Whooo,whoo.”
And he flies away.
The pueo has big maka and his ears are listening too.
Run ‘iole (rat) run ‘cause he’s coming after you!
“Whooo, whooo,” the pueo says, “Whooo, whoo.”
And he flies away.
Aloha! Aloha e!
Come back and visit me again someday.
“Whooo,whooo,” the pueo says, “Whooo, whoo.”
And he flies away.

Pretend that what she sees is something else. For example, place a small bowl upside down over one hand to create a turtle. Pretend your fingers are legs. Wiggle your fingers and talk about how the turtle moves.

Safety Alert: Only do a lifting type of activity with an older infant who can hold her head up without support; such an activity is not appropriate for a newborn. To prevent accidental falls, hold on to your child securely under her armpits when lifting her. Do not swing your baby by her arms; this type of action could hurt her. Avoid sudden movements that could scare her.