Fun games that help your child learn and identify parts of her body.

What You Need:


What To Do:

1. Name and point to major parts of your child’s body. For example, say and point, “Where’s your nose? There’s your nose! Where are your toes? There are your toes!”
2. Gradually introduce new body parts: mouth, eyes, ears, chin, forehead, fingers, writs, elbow, toes, knee and back.
3. As she starts to use more words, point to different parts of her body and ask her to name them.
4. Ask her how many of each body part she has and count them together: “How many fingers do you have on your hand? One, two, three, four, five.” If you speak more than one language, count in a different language. For example, “ichi, ni, san, shi, go” (Japanese).

1. Play a game by pointing to a body part like her forehead and asking her if it is her mouth. See if she can “correct” you.
2. Ask her to point to your body parts that you name.
3. Sing songs to help her learn the names of body parts. Here is a song with Hawaiian words.

Po’o, maka, ihu. Waha (Head, eyes, nose, mouth)
Pepeiao, lima, manamana lima (Ears, hands, fingers)
Kuli, w?wae, manamana , w?wae(Knees, feet, toes)
A me ka po’ohiwi (And my shoulders).