Landmarks, Bridges and Towers PDF FACEBOOK SHARE ICON.

Use photographs or books as inspiration for block play

What You Need:

  • Photographs or books of bridges and towers

  • Large cardboard tubes (e.g., cores from butcher paper rolls, paper towel rolls)

  • Wood pieces (e.g., tree cookies)

  • Unit blocks

  • Plastic animals, people, or transportation vehicles

What To Do:

  1. Look through photographs or books of local landmarks, bridges, and towers with your child. Talk about the location and the shapes that make up the building.

  2. Have her choose a picture that she likes and place the picture within eye level and encourage her to use the blocks, tubes, and wood pieces to recreate it.

  3. Talk about the shapes, textures, and height of what she creates, encouraging her efforts. For example, “Look at how tall your building is! I see that you used four blocks on top of each other. I see that you used rectangles for the base and small triangles for the roof.”

  4. Have her expand her creation by incorporating animals, people, or vehicles and encourage her to tell you about her creation.