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Look for the kolea in grassy areas around your neighborhood and do fun activities to learn more about them.

What You Need:

  • Books about or pictures of the kolea (Hawaiian for Golden Plover) (optional)

What To Do:

1. Look for the kolea in grassy areas around your neighborhood during the months of August through April. (In Hawai’i, the kolea is a common sight during fall through spring. They get ready to fly to Alaska each year to lay their eggs in late spring and return to Hawai’i in early fall.) While you are outside, point out other animals, trees, and creatures you see.

2. If your library has one or both of these books, check them out, and read them with your child:
Flight of the Golden Plover, by Debbie Miller
Kolea: The Story of the Pacific Golden Plover, by Marion Coste

3. Show your child how to make a kolea (or any other bird) by linking her thumbs together and moving her fingers up and down like wings of a bird. Turn on a lamp and in the light make shadows on the floor of the flapping wings.

4. Go outside with your child and pretend to be a kolea. Extend your arms out like a bird and say “soar” through the air while reciting this short poem:

One little kolea flying in the sky. (Pretend to fly like a bird.)
Come in for a landing from way up high.
(Jump up like you’re landing.)