Make a kite with household items such as a plastic grocery bag and toilet paper tube.

What You Need:

• Three 10- to 12-inch pieces of wide ribbon (about ½-1 inch wide)
• Toilet paper tube
• String
• Tape or glue stick
• Jumbo crayons or washable markers
• Plastic grocery bag

What To Do:

Ribbon Kite:
1. Invite your child to decorate the toilet paper tube with crayons or markers before assembling your kite.
2. Show her how to tape or glue three pieces of wide ribbon to one end of a toilet paper tube.
3. Make two small holes across from each other in the other end of the tube.
4. Thread a piece of string about 12 inches long through the two holes and tie the ends to make a loop.
5. Tape the end of the loop to a wooden chopstick.
6. Go to an open area outside and let your child hold on to the chopstick and run with the ribbon flowing behind her.
7. Ask her questions about her kite. For example, “What happens to the ribbons when you run fast? What happens when you slow down or stop?”

Bag Kite:
1. Find a plastic grocery bag that has no holes in it.
2. Cut two pieces of string, each at least three feet long. Tie one piece of string to each handle of the grocery bag.
3. Tie the other two ends of the strings together into a loop for your child’s hand.
4. Have your child hold the loop and run with her kite.

! Safety Alert: Be careful with plastic bags. Warn your child not to place a plastic bag over her face or head. Doing so can cause suffocation.