Teaching your child about fire safety is very important. Create a floor plan with your child and practice it each month.

What You Need:

  • Pencil

  • Graph paper or Fire Escape Plan (see above)

What To Do:

    1. With your child, draw a floor plan of your home. Indicate where each room is and include the doors and windows for each room.

    2. Talk about fire safety and if there is an emergency how you would use doors and windows to leave each room.

    3. Together, go through your home and ask your “junior fire fighter” to identify all the exits. Have her count each room’s exit; there should be two in each room.

    4. On your floor plan, have her to mark it on her map with a big red “X.”

    5. Talk about a meeting place outside, where everyone will meet if there is an emergency. It should be in the front of your home.

    6. Practice each month by holding a family fire drill, identifying the best exit to use and meeting at the meeting place.


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