Paint different shapes and lines and explore the feel of textures.

What You Need:

  • Newspaper or sheeting to protect work surface

  • Hot water

  • Jello Boxes in a variety of colors/flavors

  • Small open containers such as cupcake trays, baby food jars, or disposable cups

  • Painting tool such as brushes, sponges, cotton balls, or Q-tips*

What To Do:

  1. Line a low table or the floor with an old sheet or newspaper before you begin.

  2. Fill several containers (depending on how many colors/flavors you are using) half way to the top with hot water (not boiling)

  3. Add enough Jello to each container so that the consistency is like finger paint when stirred with a spoon.

  4. When the paint cools, help your child use the tools to paint different shapes and lines onto his paper. Let him explore with his fingers to feel the texture if he wants to.

  5. Stir the paint on occasion so that the mixture doesn’t harden.

* Note: Be sure that the brushes or sponges being used for this exploration activity is new, as your child may put them in his mouth)

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