Outdoor activity that introduces toddlers to different textures.

What You Need:

• Cardboard box or plastic garbage bag
• A box of cornstarch
• Water
• Tape

What To Do:

It is recommended you do this activity outside on a lanai or grassy area for easy clean up.
1. Cut open the cardboard box or plastic bag and lay it out flat.
2. Tape down the edges to the floor or weight down the edges on the grass.
3. Place some cornstarch on the box or bag and mix it with some water, a little at a time, until you have a pasty consistency.
4. Encourage your child to walk or crawl through the past or to run his toy through it.
5. Talk to him about what happens as he moves around and how the paste feels. For example, “Your feet and hands are sticking to the paste floor.”
6. Let him play with the paste.
7. Help him wash off the paste when he’s done playing.

Safety Alert: Never leave your child unattended as he does this activity. The floor or play area could become slippery with paste and water.