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Introduce different textures to your baby.

What You Need:

• Household objects of various textures that are safe for your baby to touch, such as a piece of paper, a comb, a piece of cloth, or a clean sponge

What To Do:

1. Let your baby feel an object.
2. Talk about what it is and how it feels: “This paper is smooth. This sponge feels rough.”

1. Gently brush textured cloths (satins, velvet, wool, or cotton) on your baby’s skin. Talk to your baby using words that describe the cloth. For example, “Doesn’t the satin feel smooth? And the cotton is so soft.”
2. Play together on different surfaces, such as a carpet or a futon, and talk about how they feel.
3. When your baby is old enough, go outside and sit on the grass. Pick up nearby objects like a twig or a leaf. Talk about how each object feels: “This twig feels rough and bumpy.”

Safety Alert: Do no let your baby play with a small object or put it in her mouth. Items that are small enough to fit through a toilet paper tube can cause choking if swallowed. Check the size of items for safety before you let your child play with them.