Learn different shapes by using string and finding objects at home.

What You Need:

• Two pieces of string or yarn, each about 20 inches long
• Pencil
• Paper

What To Do:

1. Make a loop by tying the ends of one piece of string together. Repeat with second piece of string.
2. Give your child one loop and keep the other for yourself.
3. With your loop of yarn, show your child how to make a circle on the ground. Help her do the same with her loop of yarn.
4. Show her how to make other shapes such as a square, rectangle, or triangle. Name the shapes as you make them.
5. Encourage her to trace your shape with her finger as you describe its characteristics. For example, “Triangles have three sides and three corners. The sides of a triangle can be any length.” “Squares and rectangles have four sides and four corners. The four sides of a square are all the same length. A rectangle has two long sides and two short sides.” “Circles do not have sides or corners; they are round.”
6. Encourage your child to create her own shapes with her loop of string/yarn and describe them to you. Ask her which shapes are similar and which are different, and why.
7. Invite your child to find objects at home, in the yard, or at a store that are any of the shapes that you have discussed.
8. Help her make a list of what she found and group them according to shape.