Have your child help set the table for mealtime.

What You Need:

• Cups
• Forks or chopsticks
• Plates
• Napkins

!Safety Alert: Always supervise young children in the kitchen, where there are many dangerous utensils and appliances. Do not allow your child to handle sharp utensils such as knives or to operate electrical appliances.

What To Do:

1. Have your child help set the table for mealtime.
2. Set one place setting at the table as an example for him to follow. Explain to your child that each person needs one plate, one napkin, one cup, and one fork.
3. Have him count the number of cups, plates, forks, and napkins needed for mealtime.
4. Ask him to place these items in the appropriate places, reminding him to use the place setting you have done as an example.
5. Talk with your child about each family member and the tableware. For example, “Is Daddy’s cup the same size as yours? Which one is bigger?” “Popo (Grandmother) likes to eat with chopsticks. How many chopsticks does she need?”