Teach your child about volume by gathering different sized plastic containers and having your child figure out how many cups of water each container takes.

What You Need:

• Different-sized plastic containers with wide openings such as yogurt cups, peanut butter jars, or margarine tubs
• Measuring cups
• A large bowl of water
• Food coloring (optional)

What To Do:

1. Label each container “small,” “medium,” or “large.” Let your child experiment with pouring cups of water into the different-sized containers.
2. Ask him questions such as, “How many cups of water do you think it would take to fill this large container?” Then, using the same-size measuring cup throughout, count the number of cups of water he pours into the container.
3. Ask him to use the same measuring cup to fill one of the smaller containers. Count with him how many cups it takes. Compare the number with the previous one.
4. Then ask him to use a smaller or larger measuring cup. Ask, “Do you think you will need more cups of water to fill this same container?” Count the number of cups it takes to fill the container and compare it to the previous number.
5. If you have food coloring available, add a few drops to the water to make it easier to see the water.