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Have your child plant a seed and have her track how it's growing.

What You Need:

• Bird seed or dried lima beans
• Soil
• Clear plastic cup with a small hole in the bottom
• Ruler
• Calendar

What To Do:

1. Explain to your child that many plants grow from seeds.
2. Together, plant some seeds against the side of a plastic cup filled with soil so you can observe and monitor the seeds’ growth.
3. Have your child mark the day you planted the seeds on a calendar.
4. Ask your child to water the seeds every day and to make sure they have lots of sunlight.
5. As the seeds start to sprout, show her how to measure the tallest sprout with a ruler. Write the measurement notes on the calendar. Each day, record how tall the sprout is.
6. Talk with her about the changes in the size and length of the various sprouts. Ask her to describe how the plants are changing. Count the number of leaves that develop on each sprout as it grows bigger.

Start an avocado seedling: Poke four or five toothpicks into the seed around its widest part to form a ring of toothpicks that will hold up the seed when it is placed in a jar or drinking glass. Pour water into the jar or glass until half of the seed is submerged. Place the seed near a window and have your child check it daily to see what happens. Measure the seed’s sprout and roots daily.