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Let your toddler help set the table at mealtime.

What You Need:

• Table setting objects such as cups, chopsticks, spoons and forks, plates, and napkins.

What To Do:

1. Let your toddler help set the table at mealtime. Give her safe things to do like putting out napkins, spoons, or small unbreakable dishes.
2. Ask, “How many cups (or rice bowls, plates, chopsticks, or napkins) do we need? Four? One for each of us? Okay, let’s put four on the table. Count with her: “One, two, three, four.”
3. After the meal, ask your toddler to take a few unbreakable cups and dishes to the kitchen to help with clearing the table.
4. Show her how to wipe the table with a sponge or rag and ask her to help with this occasionally.
5. Put your toddler on a sturdy chair and stand behind her as she helps put safe utensils that have been washed and dried into the kitchen drawers. Count with her how many there are in each group. If you have a drawer with compartments, ask your child that things can be grouped together.
6. Thank you child for helping.

Safety Alert: Keep sharp objects such as knifes out of your toddler’s reach. Put them away in a safety-locked drawer or cabinet to prevent accidental injuries.